Why you should shop at Bennie's Shoes.

 Why you should shop at Bennie's Shoes


Bennie's Shoes has been family owned and operated since 1909. In today's world, it is very unusual to find a small business that has been able to survive over 100 years. Our dedication to our customers and the community has allowed this and we are very thankful for it. This speaks volumes for us. You just can't last this long unless you are doing something right. Great shoes, great location, great staff and most of all, great customers!


Bennie's has a great selection of men's shoes. There are many brands and styles to choose from.


Bennie's has those hard to fit sizes, 6 - 17 in widths A - 3E.

Bennie's is a full service shoe store. We will sit down with you, measure your feet and make sure the shoes actually fit you. Many customers find that they are wearing the wrong size when they come in and feel so much better when they leave. We really strive to make sure you get the correct shoes that actually fit you.


We try and make sure you get the right shoes you need for the function you need them for. Work shoes should be more comfortable for standing in all day. There are shoes that are designed to help with hurting or bad feet such as plantars fasciitis. We also help to educate you on what kind of shoes to wear with what clothing you are wearing such as the type of suit or shorts.


Bennie's has been known for the expertise in shoe repair for both men's and women's shoes. We do everything from replacing heels to full soles. We have heel savers, power soles and taps too. We use only the finest quality leather.  


Bennie's is also a place where you can come in and get and old fashioned hand shoe shine in an old fashioned shoe shine chair by a real shoe shine expert.