History of Bennie's Shoes

Mr. Bennie came to Atlanta in 1909 from the Isle of Rhodes, through Ellis Island, at the age of 16. He opened his first shoe repair shop at Marietta and Techwood (across from where Phillips Arena is today). Three years later he moved to Broad & Marietta where the Commerce Building stands today. In 1920 he married Matilda, the girl he was betrothed to as a child, and together they raised three sons, Jack, Hymie and Louie. Each son learned their shoe repair craft from their father after school and on weekends, until military service called. Jack served in World War II, and Louie 1957 - 1959. When their military service was over, they returned to Atlanta, opened shoe repair shops, and started their own families.

In 1970 Louie got 365 pairs of Johnston & Murphy factory reject shoes and sold them at his Broadview Plaza shop (now called Lindbergh Plaza). Business grew so quickly that by 1973, Jack was brought over to Broadview full time. The transition from repairing shoes to selling shoes at BENNIE'S had begun and in 35 years BENNIE'S had become the #1 Men's Shoe Store in the southeast. The shoe repair shop is probably the oldest shoe shop not only in Atlanta, but also in the south. In 2009 they celebrated 100 years in business. At one time, there were three BENNIE'S SHOES Stores in the Atlanta area and they carried over 40 brands, all of the finest quality, at discount prices. Now, There is only one, but is is one of the finest in the Atlanta area.  In September of 2003 the store at Lindbergh Plaza moved across the street to Buckhead Crossing shopping center.

BENNIE'S SHOES has evolved into another era ~ Jack retired in 1987 and his son Mark became a full partner. At the end of 2009,  Louie retired and Louie's son Brian is now Mark's partner and his daughter Stephanie is office manager. Jack passed away in 2015, a loss for his family and Atlanta.

BENNIE'S SHOES ~ An Atlanta Tradition Since 1909!

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